Myka’s put up
Glow in dark stars
In our bedroom
To let my brain know
Where objects
And doors are
In the middle of
Last night
I got up
Got completely lost
As the stars
Were all out of place
Of course they
Weren’t in actuality
But my brain
Was disconnected
From reality
Couldn’t find its way
Stumbling and bumbling
And feeling my way
I couldn’t find the bed
I couldn’t find the door
I could hear Myka breathing
Which calmed me a bit
I paused and
I breathed
Hanging onto the bed
Closed my eyes
And hoped for the best
I found what I needed
Then had to find
My way back
An adventure
I really didn’t need
The signals from
My ears and my eyes
Are all of a muddle
You see
So when there’s so
Little information
To receive
It all goes out of whack
Too much information
Is pretty bad too
For some folks
It happens in daylight
Even more alarming