Welcome to a page for Haiku, a form of Japanese poetry comprising 3 lines with 5, 7, 5 syllables respectively. Some relate to nature in general, others to human nature.

Tangled twilight manes
Eyes which speak of each star’s birth
Hope’s mightiest steeds


Fickle Winds

Fickle winds of fate

Blowing us like tumbleweed

Along life’s highways


Sitting on the Moon

I sit on the moon

Just to hear the tune she sings

Silver lullaby


Thunder Clouds

Thunder clouds gather

Along their shared horizon

Threatening their dreams


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Chaos? Breathe

Chaos reigns these days

Change all settings to default

Relax, breathe again


Terrified Deer

Terrified deer eyes
Pleading with me for some help
Rampaging dog barks



Omitting the yeast

From breadmaker recipe

Minor disaster




She would dearly love

Something she has yet to find

A toolkit for life