Welcome to a collection of mainly longer length Poetry, with a few MicroPoems.


Beach at Dusk with clouds


Pondering on

A perfect world

All metaphorical

Blue skies and sunshine

Everyone always

Getting along



We may need

An irritant

A little pain

Something about which

To always complain

After all

You need the grit

To make the pearl


River of Life/Buying Time

She’s going to:
Try to float
Along the river of life
Rather than:
Resist every twist
Avoid every turn
And try to stem the flow

He’s fighting so hard
Against the onslaught of time
It is his daily obsession
With Botox and wheatgrass
The gym
Which he hates with a passion
Trying to buy time on credit
She wonders why
When he rarely enjoys
The time he’s actually been given



Are the lines drawn

In the same sand

As the sand that has

The flags in

Do the lines in

Our faces

Show how much

We’ve laughed

And how often

We’ve sinned

The lines that

We’ve crossed

The loved ones

We’ve lost

And the worries

Of living each day

We have crossed lines

And lay lines

Battle lines, deadlines

And lines that we say,

Like a habit,

Day after day

The lines of a song

That stay with

Us forever

Even if we

Misheard them

And sing them

All wrong

The lines of a poem

That once touched

Your soul

That now you find

You can’t

Quite recall

But the feeling

They gave you

Lives on and on


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5 types of vertigo
Came my way
Sat on a bench
A break in a walk
My bum started sliding
Body rocking
Back and forth
Vision was dodgy
My feet going thro’ the ground
When my eyes closed tight
I could’ve passed out
Yet I really wasn’t moving at all
I am rarely fine
But 5 at a time
What was that all about?



Part of Something

On a day like today

With no energy to call on

I feel lacklustre, suppressed and alone.

“No purpose, no point, no value” I moan


On a dark starlit night

I’m part of something much more

So monumental it’s hard to imagine

I feel connected, excited, in awe.

Please let it be starry tonight!