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Sorry for the lack of updating recently. I’ve been concentrating on my poems for children which can be found on www.charley-elbow.co.uk and launching my new book Small Feats and Tall Tales which I’m thrilled to say is being used in a number of schools which also train teachers.

Small Feats and Tall Tales

I’ve also published Together We’ll See, a painting and poetry book with a multi-talented artist, John Pelham.

Together We'll See


Exhausted from lack of sleep
Begging for peace and quiet
My mind is dragging its feet
Each step a mighty effort


Paper Thin Skin

Their paper thin skin

Decorated with purple

From everyday living

Ma can’t feel the street

Under her feet any more

Won’t wear short sleeves

Fearing folk thinking

Pop’s beating her up

He’s not

Stubbornness and love

Keep them going



Gazing at night skies

So much wonder to behold

Tapestry of lights


Copper Kettle

Copper kettle

Testing your mettle

Metal detectorists

Down on the sand

Under the copper moon


Midnight Skies

Held on gentle wings

Caressing the midnight skies

Starlight guides her way


Was I a Dragon?

I was a dragon

In furious fiery glory

In a previous life

Or was I the King

With a beautiful wife

Or a bold knight of old

With flashing blade

On my trusty steed

Protecting my Queen

Paying no heed to danger

It’s so hard to tell….

No- not memories of the past

Or oft-told stories I hear

But whispering echoes

Of all the spells I’ve cast


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Last Rose of Autumn

She was his last rose

Of autumn

She carries him

On spider-spun wings

Through his long winter

And all that it brings

The time will come too

That she’ll carry him through

His eternal spring



Windows to the world

Frosted by deep loneliness

Blurring the colours



The Cheshire Cat

And the Mad Hatter

Got together

For a jolly good natter

One took the ladder

The other floated

The Cat wearing

His famous grin

Politely enquired

“Shall we go in?”

“No, no,” cried the hatter

“Surely you must know

That’s not what doors are for”


Dreams Dying

She lay in her bed and cried

For all of her dreams that had died

What she didn’t know then

Is that this created the space

In which her new dreams could grow



Plaintive owl cries

Have unnerved him

Awakened something

Hidden deep within

Tugging at something

He’d forgotten somehow

Or something he

Doesn’t yet know




I don’t really know

What a shakedown is

Or where I’d go

To get one

Is it something you buy

Or something to try

Do you see it

Reveal it

Or feel it

Drink it or think it

Do you do it

Or have it done

Or is life better

Without one



Lives begin

Lives end

Lives change forever

In the blink

Of a butterfly’s wing


Sitting on the Moon

I sit on the moon

Just to hear the tune she sings

Silver lullaby


She Left

She left without warning

On Tuesday morning

Leaving a brief note

On which she wrote

She’d miss his strong arms

The ones that carried her

Into their home years ago

But not his busy fists

That meant that others

Had to carry her out


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He Carries

He carries notepaper, quill
Grudges and guilt
Pocketfuls of purple,
Compassion and hope

20 June 2018


Profoundly lonely

Since losing his beautiful bride

He needs to go down to the sea

It provides him constancy

That missing heartbeat

Of his own dear Constance by his side



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