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By her too-high

Hopes again

She wasn’t aiming

For the skies

Or the stars

Or the moon

At the top

Of the trees

Or the vertiginous

High notes

Of a tune

Just for a sprinkle

More energy

A whisper less sleep

To help her spirits

Climb up

From the deep



Plaintive owl cries

Have unnerved him

Awakened something

Hidden deep within

Tugging at something

He’d forgotten somehow

Or something he

Doesn’t yet know


The Well And The Ladder

I was having a bad time

In my well of self-doubt

When along came Myka

With love in that smile

And a ladder

To help get me out



An afternoon game of dominoes

A hand in hand evening stroll

By the still, mirror-like sea

Gently tending to each other’s needs

Thro’ decades of their shared history

Love still shining brightly

As they approach their nineties


Paper Heart

Write your name

On my paper heart

Newspaper boats on a lake

Fake news

My paper heart breaks



Pondering on

A perfect world

All metaphorical

Blue skies and sunshine

Everyone always

Getting along



We may need

An irritant

A little pain

Something about which

To always complain

After all

You need the grit

To make the pearl


Holiday Chat

“You’re all I ever need”
He said
“I just want you
And our love”
So when going
Away for a short
How come he needed
His ipad, his ipod
His phone and his Kindle
Was addicted to
And Twitter
The one person
He wouldn’t
Sit down and chat to
….was her


Family Buffet

Sisters and mothers

Boyfriends and brothers

The joys of a two-family buffet

All going well

‘til someone chose to tell

They thought my niece was

…. my sister

Me complimented

Niece’s pride really dented


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Cruising the town
In bruised

Tattered cars
Music so loud

Bass so low
Top floor windows

Are they song birds
Singing for a mate
Or contenders

For urban king
Hinting at their size





I don’t really know

What a shakedown is

Or where I’d go

To get one

Is it something you buy

Or something to try

Do you see it

Reveal it

Or feel it

Drink it or think it

Do you do it

Or have it done

Or is life better

Without one