Red Kettle

We have a shiny red kettle

With a shiny silver lid

Being a bit clumsy yesterday

Hurrying to put on said lid

I quite dramatically missed

It skidded down my finger

Taking my valued skin with it

Just to make matters worse

Only as I was stemming

The bleeding

Did I start reading

The calendar just above it

With the incorrect ill-timed words

“Any day is much better

Once you’ve put the kettle on”


July 2018

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Which persona

Are you using

Right now?

She used to deny

To herself

Quite loudly

That she owned more

Than one

But time spent

With her siblings

Brings out

Sulky petulance

With certain

In-laws the

Mischievous elf

With authority

The rebel

With parents

The patient saint

Manifests briefly


The schemingly mean


In the depths

Of revengeful



July 2018

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